Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brisket Cooking Tips

In professional BBQ competitions, brisket separates the men from the boys. Every team has their own special ritual to prepare the beef primal cut known as brisket.

Brisket essentials:
  • long slow cooking over low heat
  • internal temp of 190 F
  • achieve temp gradually
  • rush it & it tastes like rubber
How long do I cook?
  • some teams cook up to 20 hours
  • plan on cooking at least 6 hours

The Holla-N-Swalla squad cooked the brisket pictured above in approximately 7 hours.

For extra flavor & tenderness mop the brisket with a vinegar-beer mop as it cooks.

Approximately four hours into cook, wrap brisket in aluminum foil and place back on smoker. This helps keep the brisket tender during cooking.

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